2015 Beauty Empties #1

Finishing a product is a big deal for a beauty junkie, so I thought I should  also join this "project " and start with my very first post about empty cosmetic products.

 I have such a satisfying feeling when I manage to actually use completely a product, and also like it. I am sure you also feel the same.
 I had all my empty products in a bag and it was kind of overflowing so I just could not wait anymore and I also could not take the risk that my bf finds the bag and just trow it away, by accident :))) -it happened before. 

Here are my empties ! I hope you will enjoy this post as it will include also a mini review.

Primark Shoplog May

Most of the time when I want to go shop at Primark (no matter where ) I need to be prepared mentally, spiritually and physically :)))), if you never been in one of these stores you will probably wander why - insanely long line at the fitting rooms and at the paying point, quite overwhelming.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Primark is that they have massive baskets for you to put all your shopping in. That’s because they want you to buy AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, like EVERYTHING  :))))